Monday, October 14, 2013

Socks Finished

Well, I've finished two pair of socks recently. One I posted here, another was a pair from before. When I get home, I'll post photos. I still have the pink/black/white ones on the needles. I think I've done two repeats. LOL. Not much progress. I haven't worked on either shawl. I did start a bias scarf with some handspun and I'm LOVING it. I should finish it soon. I'll try to get photos posted of the finished socks and the scarf I've started. I have the photos of the socks on my ipad, but the battery is dead, so..... I'll try to remember tonight to post.

On another note, I'm listening to a new audio book. "The Night Watch" by Sergei Lukyaneko (I think I spelled that right). It is really good. It is a paranormal series. Also, I just finished "Night Film" by Marisha Pessl. It was quite interesting. There were parts that I as afraid to read right before bed. it was so intense and creepy in places! Overall though I really enjoyed it!

Enough for now. I'll try to get those photos posted tonight!

Well, I am home now, so here are the promised photos. The green stripy socks are not really any pattern.




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