Monday, October 07, 2013

WIPs -Socks

Today we will start with the two pair of socks I am currently working on.

The first pair is made from Turtlepurl yarn in a custom colorway. It is the Kiellinie pattern which is free on Ravelry. I made a few modifications including increasing every other row instead of every third row. I also went up a needle size (actually is is half a size, from 1.5 to 2) after turning the heel. I was afraid it would be too snug otherwise. I will finish these some time this week.

Here is pair number two:

This is Kirby Wirby yarn in the I Heart Jack Ryan colorway. It is the Socks on a Plane pattern by Laura Linneman, also free on Ravelry.

I seem to be going through a serious stripy mood. I think my last three pair have been stripy and I have tons more stripy yarn to knit with! Tomorrow I am going to try posting the two shawls I am currently working on.


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Kay Johnson said...

Those look great...and I queued both patterns!