Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knitting Goals - 2009

1. organize my stash and get at least 75% on ravelry
2. get 90% of things off needles - either finished or frogged and inventory my needles
3. finish Icarus shawl (first quarter of the year)
4. start a complicated shawl (one of two - not sure which) to be finished in a 2 year period
5. design 2 patterns - at least one will be a cowl - and have them ready for publication

For the Sock Yarn Marathon (starts Feb 1):
Overall :use up about 3 miles of my 9.56 miles of sock yarn
1. Clapotis with 2 skeins of Wollmeise Franz
2. Socks with opal Harry Potter yarn
3. Beaded scarf
4. Mitts. I definately need some fingerless gloves or mitts

Not sure after these 4. I'm sure I can come up with something!!

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