Monday, January 26, 2009

Loopy Ewe Swap Package

Mine arrived last week! What until you see all the goodies I got!

Pretty isn't it? Well, here is the unveiling:

Enclosed were:

* a wonderful pair of blue/green socks - the photo doesn’t even come close to showing how beautiful the colors really are.
* a “knitted mug” full of dark chocolate (I’ve been eyeing that mug),
* a skein of Nova Scotia Casbah!!! My very first skein of yarn with cashmere! and talk about being my favorite colors!!!
* a box of butter waffle cookies - amusingly enough, I was talking with a workmate just before coming home about waffles - and we were looking at waffle irons online… how’s that for precognition??
* Peet’s French Roast Coffee. I LOVE Peet’s coffee. That was my favorite when I lived in Portland, OR. I was a regular at their shop
* a Burt’s Bees Overnight Bee-uty Bag - Burt’s Bees is fantastic stuff!
* a package of Dark Chocolate Mint Creams - how can anything ever be wrong when you have dark chocolate and mint??
* a copy of “Things I Learned from Knitting” by the Yarn Harlot! A lady in my knitting group keeps telling me how good the book is - she was supposed to loan me hers… now she doesn’t need to!
* a bar of Hand Repair Soap - Jasmine - from The Blue Ridge Soap Shed - soap specially made for knitters!!!
* a package of coffee candy - again, how can that ever be a bad thing???
* a skein of Malabrigo sock yarn in Violeta Africana - what can I say - it’s MALABRIGO…..
* and an absolutely adorable card.

WOW…. how’s that for a list? I’m flabbergasted. Thank you so much cjaknit!!

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